Learn how rehabilitation can help arthritis case management 

Lunch and learn in your own clinic with Norbrook at a time that suits you.

 Available all year

 Approximately 1 hour




Watch a pre-recorded webinar over lunch with your team and Norbrook Territory Manager.

Learning objectives

In this lunch and learn you will:

  • Improve understanding of the rehabilitation of arthritic patients.
  • Learn metrics for assessing arthritic patients.
  • Learn some basic rehabilitation techniques applicable for arthritic patients.
  • Understand when to refer to a qualified physiotherapist 

Learning outcomes

Improve the care of animals across New Zealand by improved understanding of rehabilitation (specifically regarding arthritis) and clarifying when arthritic patients will receive benefit from the veterinary team collaborating with a qualified physiotherapist. 


Michelle Monk BPhysio(Hons) MAnStudies(AnimalPhysio) DipMyoTher, MAPA

Over twenty years ago Michelle began her physiotherapy journey as a human physiotherapist after graduating from Melbourne’s Latrobe University. With a life long passion for animals Michelle was disappointed to discover that her beloved four-legged friends didn’t have access to the same level and quality of physiotherapy care. After completing her Masters Degree in Animal Physiotherapy, Michelle has dedicated her life to not only providing that care for dogs but also in teaching others and transforming the industry. As the CEO of Dogs in Motion Canine Physiotherapy centres, the Founder of Canine Health and Wellbeing Academy and a board member of the Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association, Michelle Monk has made a considerable contribution to the rehabilitation of thousands of canines in Australia and internationally.

CPD recording

VCNZ recommended area(s) of competence for well-rounded development:

  • Clinical knowledge (what you know)


Talk to your Norbrook Territory Manager to organise a lunch and learn, or call 800 224 022, or email customercare@norbrook.com.au