Micro-credentials supporting the improved animal health and welfare of animals.

Edu-Badges are micro learning and assessment which support development of proficiency and ensure optimum standards of care and animal welfare. They will also help support the development of trust in each other while supporting these high standards of care. The Edu-Badge for companion animals and rural animals is transferable from workplace to workplace (Veterinary Authorisations are not transferable). Your completed Edu-badge provides proof that you are capable and can complete the task with minimal supervision.

Initially Edu-Badges are being developed for Allied Veterinary Professionals but it is envisaged that Edu-Badges will develop for many different groups within the veterinary sector. They will be developed on an “industry demand for” basis and are being developed by VetLearn® in conjunction with industry experts and educational design experts from Otago Polytechnic Te Kura Oraka Kararehe (School of Animal Health) to ensure robust assessment design and standards.


How it works

Learning resources are available to all AVPs and can be completed at your own pace. To earn a proficiency badge in a specific skill, you’ll need to complete an assessment and pay a small fee. Each training module includes a theory component, a practical component, and an optional assessment.

Master the theory

Each course includes resources for you to read and watch to get a basic understanding of the skill.

Practice your skills

Once you’ve mastered the theory, you’ll continue your training with an appropriate mentor within your clinic.

Earn your Edu-Badge

Submit your assessment to earn your Edu-Badge



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