BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

The BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management is delivered and assessed by Provet Pty Ltd T/A Animal Industries Resource Centre RTO: 31424.


When: Available all year
Duration: One year (25 hours per week)
Location: Online



If you want to formalise your skills with a qualification, then this is the course for you! Providing a broad introduction to business management, you will learn fundamental skills including: emotional intelligence, project management, recruitment and how to manage a team of employees.

  • provides a valuable qualification for those wishing to complement their current operational skills.
  • is designed to support managers to effectively manage teams, operational plans, performance, customer service and much more.
  • rewards and develops the managers of today and identifies potential leaders – fostering their growth to empower them to lead by example through structure, integrity, emotional intelligence and implementation in the workplace.


  • Identify your strengths and maximise them.
  • Identify your challenges and overcome them.
  • Develop and implement frameworks to ensure that your practice succeeds.
  • Increase your satisfaction in your role.

Course delivery

Conducted as part-time correspondence based study, you will be given a study timetable upon enrolment which outlines your units of study, due dates and specific requirements for assessment.

Upon successful completion of all course requirements, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and an Academic Transcript which documents your individual outcomes.

Student Support Coordinators are available for one on one student support and will assist you with anything you may need. Learn more about the AIRC team.

Course information guide.

Course duration

1 year (excluding scheduled study breaks):

  • This duration is based on students having 20 hours per week of paid employment in a veterinary facility
  • For students with fewer than 20 hours per week paid employment (10 hours is the minimum requirement) the course duration will be adjusted accordingly.

Average weekly commitment to the course is 25 hours per week. The weekly commitment is made up of:

  • Project work tasks in the workplace: 9 hours (usually done in parallel with your normal work duties)
  • Private study, revision, write theory assessments: 16 hours (combination of during normal work and private time)
  • This weekly commitment is based on student having 20 hours per week of paid employment in a veterinary facility
  • For students with fewer than 20 hours per week paid employment (10 hours is minimum requirement) the weekly commitment will be adjusted accordingly.

Course duration and weekly commitment shown above represents suggested times for a student who is a typical new entrant to a supervisory or management role in a veterinary practice with little prior experience. These times may vary for you depending on credits, prior learning/experience or your individual work schedule.

Units of study

A total of 12 units must be completed. 4 Core units and 8 Elective units.

Each unit will have:

  • Learning (required readings, reference materials, implementation sheet and structured activities)
  • Assessments (assessment workbooks and questions, third party reports from workplace).

Workplace project: The student must select a significant workplace project of their choosing that impacts on productivity, performance and profitability.

CPD recording

VCNZ recommended area(s) of competence for well-rounded development:

  • Critical reasoning (how you think)
  • Professional identity (who you are)


NZVA members: AU $4,410
Non-members: AU $4,900


Jodie Stuart
Tracey Woodland