Welcome to Clinical Coaching in New Zealand!

As a clinical coach you can create a collaborative relationship with your student allied veterinary professional (SAVP).

The coaching scheme will provide you with:

  • tools and support, to deliver exceptional clinical experiences to SAVPs via an online training suite
  • reciprocal learning opportunities for qualified allied veterinary professionals
  • eligibility to earn NZVNA CPD points.
  • recognition of what you already do.


  • To improve standards for workplace integrated learning for veterinary nurse students in New Zealand.
  • Formalise the role of supervisor and change title to clinical coach.
  • Provide a framework for clinical coaches in New Zealand.
  • Clinical coaching to become a mandated requirement in the education of veterinary nurses in New Zealand through NZVNA.
  • To enable clinical coaches with tools and support, so that they may deliver exceptional clinical experiences to veterinary nursing students.
  • To provide students with the tools and support to enable work placement experiences to be a rich and valuable component of their education.
  • Standardise clinical skills across work placements and educational providers through delivery of regular standardised workshops for clinical coaches.
  • To drive consistently high standards of skill capability and professional behaviour in student veterinary nurses.
  • Recognition by clinical coaches of their vital role in consistently demanding high standards of skills capability and professional behaviour in student veterinary nurses before committing to sign any achievement documents.
  • National recognition of a drive to consistently increase standards for the veterinary nursing industry through empowerment of qualified veterinary nurses in the training of student veterinary nurses.
  • The clinical coach role to evolve and grow as it becomes more established with a view to incorporate progression in the role such as a formal qualification, should qualified veterinary nurse demonstrate a wish to broaden their role and expertise.  

Key roles of the individual clinical coach

  • Provides support for student veterinary nurses.
  • Supports students to plan clinical experiences and training required.
  • Demonstrates tasks to student or delegates specific tasks/units to *other suitably qualified experts.
  • Provides pastoral care to the student in the clinical environment – overall pastoral care of the student is the responsibility of the educational provider (branch of Te Pūkenga).
  • Assessment of student veterinary nurses' capability in technical aspects of clinical skills.
  • Assessment of student’s professional behaviour and integrity within the clinical environment.
  • Plans further training to support student progression.
  • Communicates to and acts on communication from the educational provider (branch of Te Pūkenga) regarding student progress, professional behaviour and pastoral care needs.
  • Maintains professional registration.
  • Maintains professional competence - CPD.
  • Accountable to NZVNA as per regulation requirements, educational provider, and employer

As a clinical coach you can assist the SAVP to use their skill set, values, and resources to be successful within your veterinary environment and in their studies.

The clinical coach is not there to give answers, but merely to empower the SAVP, identify the appropriate questions and guide them on the right pathway to find their own solutions.


Registration is free via this link.