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Central CPD On-Demand is an innovative online NZVA accredited CPD solution for the whole practice team. Sign up for over 2,500 high-quality CPD videos, including short how-to videos, practical surgical tutorials, academy programmes and longer in-depth learning series – all available to watch anywhere and at any time.

Our content is all live-recorded from our attendance courses with top veterinary specialists from around the world, giving you high-quality, engaging CPD, across a huge range of categories. We have videos suitable for vets, vet nurses, receptionists, management staff, students and clinical support staff, as well as automatic CPD logging and downloadable certificates to make completing your CPD as easy as possible.

Topics covered include everything from anaesthesia to soft tissue surgery, and dentistry to physiotherapy. We’ve also developed a range of veterinary academies for student vet nurses, veterinary care assistants, new vet graduates and vets and vet nurses returning to practice.

Subscription options

We offer a range of subscription options. Choose from our commitment-free pay as you go account or set up an individual or practice subscription for unlimited access to the whole site.

  • Pay as you go starts from as little as $72 for 5 hours of NZVA accredited CPD.
  • Individual subscriptions are $110 per month or $970 per year.
  • Practice subscriptions are $4,910 per year for a team of up to 20 staff. This can work out as little as $245 per person for the whole year. Additional staff can be added for $245 per user. 

Our most popular CPD for veterinarians

Combined Canine and Feline Dentistry with Dental Radiography with Rachel Perry

An Update on Canine and Feline Ophthalmology with Mike Rhodes

Soft Tissue Surgery for GPs with Paul Aldridge

Abdominal Ultrasound with Abby Caine

Surgical Oncology and Wound Management with Davina Anderson

The Emergency Patient: ECC in Practice with Tom Towey

Canine Cardiology: Key Foundations with John Wray

Feline Anaesthesia: Anaesthetic Equipment with Claire Roberts

Problem Solving in Medicine with Fiona Adam

White and Yellow Cats: Investigation and Management of Feline Anaemia and Jaundice with Martha Cannon

Our most popular CPD for veterinary nurses

Combined Dentistry and Dental Radiography for Nurses with Rachel Perry

Schedule 3 Surgical Procedures for Nurses with Paul Aldridge

Anaesthesia for Nurses: Monitoring the Unstable Patient with Courtney Scales

 Our Veterinary Academies

For veterinarians

Vet Graduate Academy

Our Vet Graduate Academy helps to bridge the gap between graduation and practice. Our online training programmes have been formulated specifically for graduates within their first year in clinic and will provide a thorough grounding across a wide range of topics needed for small animal medicine and surgery.

Vet Refresh Academy

Our bespoke Vet Refresh Academy has been specifically designed for veterinarians returning from a career break, planning a career change to small animal practice or for GPs looking to refresh their knowledge on a range of common conditions.

The academy will provide you with an extensive update in several key areas, increasing confidence and skills to manage a range of cases.

For vet nurses

Student Vet Nurse Academy

This bespoke learning series is designed specifically for student veterinary nurses working in small animal practice and focuses on topics to aid revision in practical skills.

Vet Nurse Refresh Academy

Our Nurse Refresh Series has been developed for nurses who are returning to practice and offers extensive, flexible learning support to help build confidence in all the key areas of clinical practice.

For animal healthcare assistants

Veterinary Care Assistant Academy

This bespoke learning series is designed specifically for animal healthcare assistants and support staff working in small animal veterinary practice and covers a variety of skills to help expand knowledge and develop understanding for this essential role. 

CPD recording

VCNZ recommended area(s) of competence for well-rounded development:

  • Critical reasoning (how you think)
  • Personal wellbeing (how you feel)
  • Professional identity (who you are)

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