Next Step Vet: Career Accelerator

Design a rewarding and fulfilling veterinary career.

Feeling drained of energy at the end of your workday? You’re overworked, the clients are demanding, and your wellbeing is suffering as a result. You have nothing left to give to other areas of your life and work-life balance feels out of check. You want a fulfilling and rewarding career, but you’re currently feeling stuck. You're not alone.

You’re given the tools to become a vet, and if you’re lucky, maybe a bit of mentorship in your first few years of practice. But once you’re a competent vet, it often feels like you’re left to figure out the rest of your career on your own. That’s where we come in. Our career coaching is specifically for vets stuck in their career, needing evidence-based guidance. In just 12 weeks, we will give you clarity as to your ideal career path, confidence to head in this direction, and mentorship and accountability to ensure meaningful change occurs. Let’s design a career that works for you.



12 February - 29 April 2024


This 12-week online course will comprise of interactive sessions, videos and online worksheets. Participants can expect one hour of contact time and complete two hours of homework per week throughout the course. Participants will have access to message-based support for six months.


  • Awareness: identify your strengths, values, and purpose.
  • Growth: figure out your ideal career path and grow in confidence.
  • Experimentation: mind map career options for you.
  • Connection: use networking to open doors you didn't know existed.
  • Thrive: find your own definition of work-life balance.

Learning objectives

  • Better understand what motivates and energises you at work.
  • Get a clear sense of direction for your career.
  • Understand what career options best suit your strengths, values, and interests.
  • Connect with professionals in different fields - inside and outside of the veterinary industry.
  • Gain confidence to develop yourself inside your current job, step into a new roles, or potentially a new career.
  • Create a five-year plan for your future - including goals outside of work.
  • Rediscover your hobbies and design a life that works for you.

Learning outcomes

  • Better understand employee drivers and strengths.
  • Realignment of their job to better fit the individual - people using their strengths daily are six times more likely to engaged in their jobs and three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.
  • Reduce career uncertainty in employees and increase retention by giving vets a clear development plan for their career.
  • Individual vets will discover ways they can best add value to their clinic, outside of their routine vet work.
  • Happier employees as vets examine other areas of their life such as relationships, creativity, health, and hobbies.


Steve Oehley BVSc | Founder & Career Coach, Next Step Vet | ICF-Accredited Coach

Steve was a burnt-out vet, who experienced his own career crisis in 2020. Through a process of life and career coaching, he underwent his own transformation from clinical veterinary practice into work that better suited his strengths and interests. Since then, he has worked in an industry role, hosted multiple podcasts, and now runs Next Step Vet, a career coaching programme specifically for veterinarians. His podcast, Next Step Vet, is a free resource for veterinarians.


4 Week Career Clarity (Intro): $995 | 12 Week Career Accelerator: $2995


Participants will gain access to the learning material at the start of the course. If you have not been granted access by 12 February, please email the contact below.


Please email if you have any questions.