Silverstream Retreat, Lower Hutt
30-31 October 2024


The New Zealand Veterinary Association Te Pae Kīrehe (NZVA) and the Veterinary Business Branch of the NZVA are excited to bring you the annual Wellbeing and Business Symposium! 

As veterinary professionals, we know that taking care of our clients' pets is just the beginning. Taking care of ourselves and our teams is just as crucial for wellbeing and the success of our businesses. Yet, it's easy to put everyone's needs on the backburner in the midst of a busy practice.

That's why we're excited to announce the annual Wellbeing and Business Symposium, a unique event designed specifically for veterinary business owners, veterinarians and team members. This two-day symposium will explore the powerful connection between wellbeing and business success, and provide practical tools and strategies for prioritising your teams wellbeing while growing a thriving practice.

Research has shown that employee wellbeing is closely linked to business performance. When we feel happy, engaged, and fulfilled, we're more productive, creative, and better equipped to provide exceptional care for our patients. On the other hand, chronic stress and burnout can lead to decreased job satisfaction, increased turnover, and negative impacts on patient care.

This is an event that will benefit your whole team and we’ve got significant discounts for teams attending together. Bring a colleague and save up to $50 on your second ticket. Or bring three or more colleagues and save up to $100! 

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